Have you tried a side plank?

I love planks! There are so many different varieties of plank routines that you can incorporate into your workout. A regular plank is a great starting point for strengthening your core, arms and shoulders. Make sure you always have proper form the entire time. As you practice, your ability to hold the plank with proper form will increase. Once you feel like you can hold a regular plank for at least 30 seconds with correct form, I would then move onto a side plank. Start out with a regular side plank then move onto the side plank with knee extension and finally the side plank with a leg lift.

How to-
  • Begin in plank pose
  •  Lift your hips slightly up.
  • Shift your weight onto your right arm as you roll onto the outside of your right foot, opening your whole body to the side.
  • Keeping both feet flexed, stack your left foot on top of your right.
  • In this position, your legs should be kept very straight – so, press through your heels toward the floor.
  • Your shoulders, hips and ankles should make one straight line. Do your best to stack your hips, knees and ankles vertically on top of each other.
  • Reach your left arm straight up towards the sky, forming a line from your right wrist through your left fingers.
  • tighten your core the entire time you are holding this pose.
  • smile and enjoy the pose!




  • Try lowering your hip to the floor then back up again. Go down 2 seconds then up 2 seconds. 
    If it hurts your wrist to hold this position with a straight arm, then lower down to your forearm. 



Benefits of side plank –
  • Builds arm and shoulder strength
  • Stretches and strengthens your wrists
  • Strengthens your abdomen and legs
  • Improves balance and coordination


  • Side plank with leg lift will also work your outer thighs and gluteus medius (side of your butt) . You will definitely feel these muscle in action as you perform this pose. 



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