Chair Total Body Workout

All you need for these 6 exercises in your body and a chair. This is a great option for those of you who are stuck sitting at a desk all day long. Take 10-15 minutes out of you work day to add in some total body toning exercises. Not only will you burn some extra calories during the day, but it is great for your body to get up and move if you are stuck sitting all day.

  • 30 reps for each exercise (30 reps for each side if doing single leg)
  • Repeat the full set 2-3 times
  • Repeat 2-3 times each week

 Seated Twist1– Sit tall 2– Bring you knee into your chest 3– Twist at you hips towards your knee


Side Lunge1– lift one leg onto the chair 2– Lower down into a squat keeping your leg on the chair straight and other leg bent.




In & Out Abs1– Knees into your chest 2– Bring you legs straight out and hold for 2-3 seconds.

DSCN1082 DSCN1084

Pulsing Lifted Lunge1-Lift one leg onto the chair 2-Bend both knee, lowering towards the ground 3-Pulse at the bottom 30X   *The closer you can get you lifted knee to the ground the harder it gets.


 Hip Raises .  1-Put your heels on the edge of the chair. 2-Bring your knees over your hips 3-Lift your butt as high as you can and squeeze for 2-3 seconds 4-Repeat 30X  * You could do this with your feet on the floor, but elevating your legs will give you more of a challenge. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself!



Chair Push Up – If 30 push ups is too hard, I would suggest only doing 15. *To challenge yourself even more, try lifting one leg to add some balance and core work.



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