Mix Up Your Core Routine

If you are stuck doing sit-ups when it comes to working your core, then it is time you mix things up. Try these 4 awesome exercises that will work multiple muscle in your core. They are simple to perform, but if done right it will definitely work your body.

  • 30 seconds each exercise
  • Perform the full circuit 2-3 times
  • Try these moves 2-3 times each week

Up & Down Planks – 1-Start on a forearm plank 2-Raise the right side of your body by pressing your right hand against the floor and straightening your arm. 3-Do the same for you left side 4-Lower yourself in the same manner. *Switch the side you start raising with.

Side Hip Dips1-Get into a side plank position 2– Lower down and tap your hip to the floor 3-Raise back up into a side plank *30 seconds each sideDSCN1121DSCN1124

Hip Twist1-Start in a low plank 2-Twist your hips to one side lowering to the floor 3-Twist to the other side lowering to the floor *Only twist your hips, keep your chest facing the floor.DSCN1129DSCN1131Seated Rows 1-Get into a C sit position, back is straight and knees are to your chest 2-Lower your legs and shoulders to the floor as low as you can go 3-Come back up to C sit positionDSCN1134DSCN1136

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