Stability Ball Core & Butt Routine

I love using stability ball for myself and all of my clients. They are a great way to add progression to any exercise by creating instability which will incorporate more muscle during your movements, and will also require you to create balance while working those muscle.

This workout is great for your legs/butt and core. You will definitely feel the burn afterwards, and if you don’t, work harder next time!

– 20 reps
– 2-3 sets
– Repeat 2-3 times a week

Rainbow Leg Raiseseach side is one repDSC00178 DSC00182 DSC00184

PlankFeet on ball & forearms on ball – 20- 30 seconds each exercise


Back Hyperextension – 20 reps – hold for 2 seconds
DSC00190Plank Crunch20 reps – hold for 2 secondsDSC00197DSC00195Lifted Hamstring Curls20 reps – hold for 2 seconds
DSC00199 DSC00201Kneeling Lat Pulls20 reps – hold for 2 seconds
DSC00208 DSC00209

Single Leg Hip Lift20 reps each leg –  hold for 2 secondsDSC00210 DSC00213

Squat With Overhead Lift20 repsDSC00217DSC00219


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