20 Ways To Exercise With Your Kids

20140721_125500I am a mother of 4 adorable little kids and unless I am waking up at 5:00 a.m. to exercise, finding time to get it in can be difficult. There have been many times where my exercise session are with the kids and I actually really enjoy these times. Teaching my kids to get up and move is priceless to me. Most of the time my kids don’t even realize we are exercising, but they think we are just having fun playing games, and that’s the point of it. It’s a great way to bond, laugh and play with your kids while getting your body up and moving.

20 Ways To Exercise With Your Kids

1. Carry your own weight

If you are lifting weights have your kids join you. Giving them an appropriate weight teach them the moves you are doing. Younger kids can use bean bags, wooden blocks, or water bottles. Count together as you lift and you’re practicing numbers too!

 2. Dance it out

This is one of our favorites in our house, plus it may be the easiest way to exercise with children. Pump up the music and dance. Do it vigorously enough and it gives you a cardiovascular workout. You can even put in an aerobic dance video and call it a dance party.

 3. Frisbee throw

Have your kids throw a ball or Frisbee as far as they can then you sprint after the ball or Frisbee and then sprint back to them. If they can not throw very far try jumping, running backwards or lunging to the ball.

 4. Crab walk

Go out side and pretend you are all crabs and have crab wars. You do this by getting in a crab walk position then try to tip the other crab over with your legs. My boys love this one, but it not suitable for younger kids. Try just a plan old crab walk with the young ones.

 5. Hang on front squat

This exercise always seems to turn into a full on competition with my kids. Who can hang on the longest, by the time they have all had their fill of hanging on to me while I do my squats my legs are usually exhausted. You perform this by having one of your kids hang on to you by wrapping their arms around your neck (not to tight, so you don’t choke) and there legs will wrap around your hips. You can either have them in front or behind, try mixing it up each time. Then having GOOD form go down into a squat with out holding your kids and see how many you can do before them have to let go.

 6. Weighted push ups

Get in push up position and have one of your little kids climb on your back and hang on as you perform as many push up as you can with good form.

7. Run, walk, bike – scavenger hunt game

Go running, walking or biking with your kids in a stroller, bike trailer or even running or biking right beside you. Make a game out of it and have the kids try to find different landmarks or items along the way.

 8. Hiking

Get OUTSIDE!!!! I love going for hikes with my kids. I realize that sometimes hiking at your kids pace can seem like a snails pace, so stop enjoy the scenery, do a couple of cardio bust like jumping jacks or burpees, then move again. You can also get your kids jumping from rock to rock while you perform some front lunges on the rocks.

 9. Go to a track

You can run around the track or do some speed and interval training while your kids play in the middle of the field. You can also have your kids time you. They hold the stop watch as you run around. Encourage them to cheer you on while you run.

 10. Wall sit contest

Have a contest with your to and see who can perform wall sits the longest.

11. Jump on the tramp

Get out there and jump away!

12. Play a family game of soccer

This is another regular occurrence at our house. You would be amazed at how fast your can get your heart pumping while playing soccer with your kids.

 13. Make an obstacle course

You can make one inside or out, create one that requires you to jump over and crawl through objects.

 14. Go to a pool

Let the kids swim with life jackets while you wade in water. Try running, swinging your legs out and in or doing scissors in the pool.

 15. Kids yoga video

There is a bunch of great yoga kids video out there. If you don’t want to buy one try your local library.

 16. Horsing around

Put one of your kids on your back and run back and forth as fast as your can for 1-2 minutes, then rest for 1.5 minutes. Repeat this 6-10 times depending on your fitness level.

17. You pick the move

This is a game where each of your kids get the chance to pick a crazy move that you all do for 1 minute. During that minute you do the move your kids picked with all your heart, you’re going to look silly, but this is about moving and getting your heart going!

18. Play the WII or Xbox Kinnect

So, I am usually really opposed to letting my kids play video games, but there are some games out there that gets you up and moving. We have a Kinnect and the kids love playing the Olympics games as a family.

19. Jump Rope

Bust out your old jump rope and teach your kids how it was done when you were a kid (if you even did jump rope) I have one in my studio that I use on clients and my kids love getting it out.

20. Freeze Tag

This is another favorite of ours, the good old game of freeze tag. We love playing this at a play ground, the best part is that there is so many things that you can run around, jump over or crawl through. It’s a great way to get your body moving in different planes of motion.



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