Let go of Fear

I think we all have fears that hold us back from pursuing what we want or desire in life. We have the fear that if we go for something, change something or try something new the outcome of that might be disastrous. We fear loss, we fear judgment and we fear pain. We all know that if we want to improve our lives we need to let go of the fear that is keeping us away from making those changes.
Do you have fears that are keeping you back from making positives and healthy changes in your life? If so, today is the day to sit down and say, what do I really want in my life and what is keeping me from progressing or even just making the first step of change? Explore those questions and see what is holding you back. Once you identify the fears, you need to flip them around and focus on the gains, joys and positive outcomes that can come from the change. Most of our fears are nothing but negative contemplative thoughts that we make up in our minds. It’s ok to have fears and they are completely normal, you just need to focus your attention not on the fear of what might happen, but the positive outcomes of what will happen. Your mind shouldn’t be saying – I can’t because…but it should be saying – I will because…
I definitely have fears that hold me back at times, but I do feel like I am better able to control the the negative fear talk that goes on in my mind. I’m SOOOO proud of who I am today and I don’t let those fears overcome my thoughts. I use to be consumed in the fear of judgement from others. The fear of being afraid of what others thought held me back from many things in life and they took me down paths of unhealthy behaviors. I thought I wasn’t good enough, skinny enough or pretty enough, so I went to the extreme to “try” and be that. I let those fears control my thoughts. If you let negative fears run your thoughts, they will eventually become your daily thoughts and truth in your mind.  Even though I was and am good enough, I didn’t feel that way because those fears of judgement had become my daily thoughts. Sad, isn’t it?
I don’t feel like I am alone when it come to the fear of judgement and fear of not being enough in others eyes. This fear will do nothing but bring you down and keep you from reaching your full potential of who you really are, which is a beautiful and strong person who IS enough and capable of doing great things.
It’s time to make an action plan to LET GO OF FEAR! Take 10 minutes alone and think about all of the fears you have in your life right now that are keeping you from starting something, progressing in something or bringing you down. Write all of these fear down and ask yourself are these making me a better person, am I accomplishing the things I want in life when I focus on these fears, do these fears make me more confident or produce negative thoughts, are these fears keeping me from starting something I’ve desired to do?
Now is the time to make a change
Now is the time to be a better you
Now is the time to eliminate any negative fears
that are holding you back from become a
happier and healthier you!

Love Your Body And Fuel Yourself Right!

There are many days that I do fasted workouts. I always make sure though that I get a good quality meal afterwards. If you are doing fasting workouts you need to make sure you get something in you at least 30 to 60 after your fasted workout. This prevents muscle catabolism and replenishes your energy stores, otherwise your body will break down muscle tissue for energy. 

Love your body and fuel yourself with something wholesome and nutritious. Make sure you have a good combination of quality protein, good fat and a little bit of carbs. 

Everything in this meal can be prepped ahead for a quick and easy meal. I pre-boiled a bunch of eggs for the week and made a big bowl of spiralized squash noodles for my meals. I always have some kind of vegetable in my kitchen ready to eat and then I topped this plate off with delicious spicy avocado hummus. IMG_20150916_132955

My Top 5 Benefits Of Hiking!

hike#1We all know hiking is good for you, right? But do you know just how good it is? If you are heading out for a hike this Labor Day weekend, take note of all the good you are doing for your body.

For me hiking is therapeutic, it clears my mind and fills my soul with happiness. I love escaping from the city out into the peaceful surroundings of nature, exploring somewhere new and being amazed by the beautiful views around each corner.  I always come back from a hike feeling rejuvenated. With all that being said, hiking is also an amazing workout! You don’t need to always hit the gym to get a great workout in. Hiking is great for building muscle endurance and increasing your cardiovascular abilities.  I realize that not everyone has hiking trails where they live, but if you do, take advantage of this great form of movement and get out and HIKE!

 Here Are My

TOP 5 



Challenges your lower body strength and endurance. Specifically your glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. The steeper the climb the more you are going to work those legs!If you are carrying a pack, you will also work those upper body muscle too.


Boost your bone density. Walking/hiking is a great form of a weight-bearing exercising. It’s important that you incorporate some kind of weight-bearing exercising throughout your week, this will encourages healthy bone structure and reduces the chances of osteoporosis.


Improve your mood. Being in nature is engrained in our DNA and we sometimes forget that. Hiking in nature will help you feel closer to nature and it’s natural rhythms which may increase your happiness and help you feel more fulfilled.


Improve your balance. The rugged and varied terrain of most hiking trails forces your body to stabilize itself, in time improving your balance and co-ordination.


Gain a feeling of achievement. A difficult hike like a steep hill or mountain can make you feel like you’ve achieved something more table than completing a circuit class at the gym. There is something empowering about getting to the top of a big hill or mountain. You are usually rewarded with some kind beautiful view too. hike#2


4 Cornerstones of Achievement

I was at a fitness convention a month ago, and one of the session I went to was a talk by Brendon Burchard. I did not know this man, but after listening to him I thought to myself, I need to learn more from him and learn more about him! I’ve spent the last month watching many of his youtube videos, which has honestly been a great way to start off my day and get my mind in the right place.

In the video below he talks about what he believes is the 4 cornerstones of achievement. We all want to achieve something, right? How many times in your life have you stated that you wanted to do something, but have never been able to reach that goal? We’ve all been there and we need to stop saying “this is what I want for myself” but never actually getting there because something always comes in the way. You can’t just say you want something and not have plan or put forth any work towards what you want.

4 Cornerstones of Achievement


You need to have deep desire to move the needle of your life forward. What’s your vision and what do you want out of life? You need to desire to have that journey that you need to go on to get to where you want to be.


You need have a plan of how you’re going to reach your desires/goals. Be a student in life and a master of information on what you desire.


You have to WORK for what you want. High level of discipline everyday. Set up habits that keep you on track towards your desires and goals. You can not be afraid to work for what you want. You don’t see any high level achievers who doesn’t have some kind of discipline. They are committed to their habits and practices that positively support them on their path to their goals. Don’t make disciplines in your life a negative things, but it should be a joyful habit of pressuring your dreams.


You need to manage all of those distraction that will get in your way of achieving your desires and goals. Minimize and remove all distractions.


12 Ways To Start Your Day Off Happy & Successful

DSC00230I believe in order to make your day a positive and successful one, you need to first begin each morning setting your day up for happiness and success.  If you wake up stressed, grumpy and dreading the day, you will most likely spend the rest of your day in that same state of mind. Happiness or being positive does not come naturally and easy for everyone, so it’s important that you are conscious about doing things that bring positiveness into your life. Our THOUGHTS create our EMOTIONS! Since you have the power to control your thoughts and emotions (even though it may not seem like it at times), you also have the power to start you day off on a positive note each and every day.

My challenge for you is to pick 2-3 of these to practice for the next couple of weeks. Start making the ones you chose a habit in your morning routine and see how your day might change. I believe it will definitely change for the better if you are open to starting your day out with positive habits that will set you up for success. 

1. Practice Gratitude Every Morning.

Whether you spend each morning writing down 3-5 things you’re grateful for or you talk to the one you love about what your grateful for, it makes a huge difference to spend that time focusing on things that make you happy and fulfilled in life. It can be anything as simple as a beautiful sunset, the sound of your children laughing, a good cup of coffee or a friend who helped you out. Many of us get caught up in the cycle of negative thinking, and forget to remember how good we may actually have it.

2. Get Up & Move.

There is something about starting your day off moving your body whether your outside running or practicing yoga in the comfort of you home. Moving or exercising can be anything you love doing that gets your body moving and heart pumping. Exercise releases endorphins, which is a feel good hormone, who doesn’t want some of those!!! Willpower is also the strongest in the morning, so the likelihood of you getting out later in the day can be slim due to that fact that life can get in the way, and sometimes the last things you want to do after work is exercise. So, schedule in your excise time and get it done in the morning. DSC00050

3. Stay Off Social Media.

I found myself getting in the habit each morning of looking on social media right when I woke up, silly right! I’m not saying that you should not look at social media, but it shouldn’t be the first thing your thoughts go to each morning. If you need to read something, read a good book or article instead.

4. Spend Some Time Mediating.

Once you get into meditation routine you may feel your life becoming more peaceful, feel more in-tune with your body and surroundings, have a greater sense of being and have the ability to focus on what you need and want in life. I am in no way a seasoned meditator, but I have found that on the morning I do try to meditate it seems to help my day run smoother and I feel more at peace. meditation

5. Read An Inspiring Book Or Article.

Reading something inspiring and motivating in the morning is bound to get you revved up and ready to tackle the day, there are also many podcast that are great to listen too also. It’s important to constantly  strive to keep learning and being inspired each and every day. Stretch and grow your mind each morning. Find something that inspires you and spend some time reading it or listening to it.

6. Enjoy Your Surrounds & Breath In The Fresh Air.

I realize that we all live in different surrounding. Anything from bustling cities, beautiful suburbs and quite countryside. Wherever you live, try to find the beauty in it and ENJOY it! Get outside for a moment and breathe slowly and appreciate the beautiful earth you live in. If you live in a city that does not have fresh air, just pretend it is fresh air you’re breathing in. 🙂

7. Spend Time Making A Healthy Breakfast.

In order for your mind and body to work properly you need to fuel yourself with the right food. You body can not run on garbage for long, so don’t rush out the door with a donut in your hand, but take a few minutes and actually make yourself a nutritious breakfast. Your body will thank you. DSC_0002

8. Wake Up In A Clean Room.

When your surroundings are cluttered, your mind feels cluttered. Clean up your room and you will notice the energy in your room feeling more peaceful and calm. If if struggle with messiness, try taking simple steps, like hanging your towel up right after you shower or never leaving for work unless you bed is made. I am a mom of 4 kids and messiness can be common at my home, but I find that I am happier when my house is clean and organized.

9. Forget About The Mistakes Of Yesterday.

We all sometimes dwell on the past and all of our shortcoming. We think about what we DID NOT do yesterday, instead of focusing on what we WILL DO today. We may of had complete failures yesterday, but today is a new day for success and adventures.

10. Write Down Some Micro Goals.

I am a big believe in goals. There is something about writing them down and accomplishing them throughout the day. It’s important to make them simple. These are micro goals, nothing that can’t be accomplished during the day, but something that challenges you and makes you a better person. Some of the most successful people start their day with a list of what they need to do. Benjamin Franklin started his day off with a list of what he wanted to accomplished throughout the day. If you look below you can see his  list. I love that the questions he asked himself each morning  “What good shall I do this Day?” and in the evening he asked “What good have I done today?” Make sure some of the goals you put down are ones that will help you and others around you. benfranklin

11. Ask Yourself “How Can I Make This Day Amazing?”

It’s a simple question, but it’s so powerful. By simply asking yourself “How can I make today amazing?” you make yourself realize that you are in control of how your day goes and how you feel about it. Then, do the things to make it amazing! Sounds kind of silly right, but who cares! The more you focus on yourself and constantly making your life better the more it will actually become the amazing life you strive for.

12. Begin Each Day With A Smile.

Simple, if you wake up frowning and grumpy that frown will most likely stay the rest of the day. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, look at yourself in the mirror and force a smile out and eventually a real one just might appear, and stay too. smiley_face

Do This Every Sunday


I love Sundays, it’s a day I spend with my family, go to church, Explore some of the outdoors, and plan ahead what I need to get done for the upcoming week. Every Sunday my husband and I sit down with our kids and talk about our goals for the upcoming week and what we accomplished last week. It’s a great time to sit down as a family and listen to my children talk about what’s important to them.

I am a HUGE believer in goals, realistic goals that is. It’s important to take a step back and look at your life. What do you want to accomplish, who do you want to be, and how can you better yourself. Many of us tend to get stuck in limbo where we do not have any direction of what we want or where we are going. Making simple but effective goals will help guide you in the direction you want to go. Wether your goals are related to fitness, health, or lifestyle, having a written down list of you want to do will help you reach what you desire.

I recently read an article from one of my mentors Todd Durkin about what he does every Sunday. He calls it his W.L.A.G. This will help you plan your week and be more efficient with your time and energy.

WLAG’s Stand for:

  • W- Wins” of the past week
  • L– “Lossess” of the past week
  • A– “Aha” moments of the past week
  • Goals” for the upcoming week

Wins or losses of the past week allow you to pause for a moment on what you did and didn’t accomplish that week. It puts you into a reflective and present state of mind versus thinking “what’s next.”

Aha’s simple allows you to go deeper and think about any/all moments of the last week that made you stop in your tracks or catch your breath.

For example “my aha’s” of this last week:

  • Watching my son build a battle ship out of Lego’s and being amazed by his creativity. 
  • Taking communion at my church and feeling overwhelmed with love from my savior. 

And finally you will write your “GOALS” for the upcoming week. The “GOALS” are simply what you will accomplish in the next 7 days. Don’t make your list too big, but try to limit it down to 3-5 goals that MUST be done this week.

Planning your week is vitally important and will set you up for a successful day and week. Start now by spending some time this Sunday and do your WLAG’s.”

Check out Todd’s website for some more great information.

20 Ways To Exercise With Your Kids

20140721_125500I am a mother of 4 adorable little kids and unless I am waking up at 5:00 a.m. to exercise, finding time to get it in can be difficult. There have been many times where my exercise session are with the kids and I actually really enjoy these times. Teaching my kids to get up and move is priceless to me. Most of the time my kids don’t even realize we are exercising, but they think we are just having fun playing games, and that’s the point of it. It’s a great way to bond, laugh and play with your kids while getting your body up and moving.

20 Ways To Exercise With Your Kids

1. Carry your own weight

If you are lifting weights have your kids join you. Giving them an appropriate weight teach them the moves you are doing. Younger kids can use bean bags, wooden blocks, or water bottles. Count together as you lift and you’re practicing numbers too!

 2. Dance it out

This is one of our favorites in our house, plus it may be the easiest way to exercise with children. Pump up the music and dance. Do it vigorously enough and it gives you a cardiovascular workout. You can even put in an aerobic dance video and call it a dance party.

 3. Frisbee throw

Have your kids throw a ball or Frisbee as far as they can then you sprint after the ball or Frisbee and then sprint back to them. If they can not throw very far try jumping, running backwards or lunging to the ball.

 4. Crab walk

Go out side and pretend you are all crabs and have crab wars. You do this by getting in a crab walk position then try to tip the other crab over with your legs. My boys love this one, but it not suitable for younger kids. Try just a plan old crab walk with the young ones.

 5. Hang on front squat

This exercise always seems to turn into a full on competition with my kids. Who can hang on the longest, by the time they have all had their fill of hanging on to me while I do my squats my legs are usually exhausted. You perform this by having one of your kids hang on to you by wrapping their arms around your neck (not to tight, so you don’t choke) and there legs will wrap around your hips. You can either have them in front or behind, try mixing it up each time. Then having GOOD form go down into a squat with out holding your kids and see how many you can do before them have to let go.

 6. Weighted push ups

Get in push up position and have one of your little kids climb on your back and hang on as you perform as many push up as you can with good form.

7. Run, walk, bike – scavenger hunt game

Go running, walking or biking with your kids in a stroller, bike trailer or even running or biking right beside you. Make a game out of it and have the kids try to find different landmarks or items along the way.

 8. Hiking

Get OUTSIDE!!!! I love going for hikes with my kids. I realize that sometimes hiking at your kids pace can seem like a snails pace, so stop enjoy the scenery, do a couple of cardio bust like jumping jacks or burpees, then move again. You can also get your kids jumping from rock to rock while you perform some front lunges on the rocks.

 9. Go to a track

You can run around the track or do some speed and interval training while your kids play in the middle of the field. You can also have your kids time you. They hold the stop watch as you run around. Encourage them to cheer you on while you run.

 10. Wall sit contest

Have a contest with your to and see who can perform wall sits the longest.

11. Jump on the tramp

Get out there and jump away!

12. Play a family game of soccer

This is another regular occurrence at our house. You would be amazed at how fast your can get your heart pumping while playing soccer with your kids.

 13. Make an obstacle course

You can make one inside or out, create one that requires you to jump over and crawl through objects.

 14. Go to a pool

Let the kids swim with life jackets while you wade in water. Try running, swinging your legs out and in or doing scissors in the pool.

 15. Kids yoga video

There is a bunch of great yoga kids video out there. If you don’t want to buy one try your local library.

 16. Horsing around

Put one of your kids on your back and run back and forth as fast as your can for 1-2 minutes, then rest for 1.5 minutes. Repeat this 6-10 times depending on your fitness level.

17. You pick the move

This is a game where each of your kids get the chance to pick a crazy move that you all do for 1 minute. During that minute you do the move your kids picked with all your heart, you’re going to look silly, but this is about moving and getting your heart going!

18. Play the WII or Xbox Kinnect

So, I am usually really opposed to letting my kids play video games, but there are some games out there that gets you up and moving. We have a Kinnect and the kids love playing the Olympics games as a family.

19. Jump Rope

Bust out your old jump rope and teach your kids how it was done when you were a kid (if you even did jump rope) I have one in my studio that I use on clients and my kids love getting it out.

20. Freeze Tag

This is another favorite of ours, the good old game of freeze tag. We love playing this at a play ground, the best part is that there is so many things that you can run around, jump over or crawl through. It’s a great way to get your body moving in different planes of motion.



18 Ingredients That Sound Dangerous, But Aren’t


I came upon this article on the Team Beachbody website on 18 ingredients that sound bad, but actually are not that harmful for your body. I almost always try to stay away from food that has an ingredients list a mile long with a ton of ingredients that I would have a hard time pronouncing. EAT REAL FOOD is what I go by, but if you come across some of these ingredients every once and awhile you may not have to pass them by. I am definitely not saying if you see any of these ingredients you could eat the item as much as you would like, but they are not as harmful as most people would think. In the end, try to stick with real and natural food as much as possible.

Check out the article –


Is Sitting Killing You?

The one thing I always ask my clients during our assessment is “how long do you sit during the day?” When you sit for long periods of time it can affect your body in many different ways, and not for the good. There are more and more studies are coming out on the effects of long-term sitting on your body. So if you spend most of your day sitting, this post is for you.



Effects of Sitting –

In this latest study by, Daniela Schmid and Michael F. Leitzmann of the University of Regensburg in Germany analyzed 43 observational studies, amounting to more than 4 million people’s answers to questions about their sitting behavior and cancer incidences. The researchers examined close to 70,000 cancer cases and found that sitting is associated with a 24% increased risk of colon cancer, a 32% increased risk of endometrial cancer, and a 21% increased risk of lung cancer.


The pancreas produces insulin, a hormone that carries glucose to cells for energy. But cells in idle muscles don’t respond as readily to insulin, so the pancreas produces more and more, which can lead to diabetes and other diseases. A 2011 study found a decline in insulin response after just one day of prolonged sitting.

Muscles burn less fat and blood flows more sluggishly during a long sit, allowing fatty acids to more easily clog the heart. Prolonged sitting has been linked to high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol, and people with the most sedentary time are more than twice as likely to have cardiovascular disease than those with the least.


Flexible hips help keep you balanced, but chronic sitters so rarely extend the hip flexor muscles in front that they become short and tight, limiting range of motion and stride length. Studies have found that decreased hip mobility is a main reason elderly people tend to fall.

Sitting requires your glutes to do absolutely nothing, and they get used to it. When you have weak glutes you lack the ability to perform many exercise with correct form, loose stability and


Moving muscles pump fresh blood and oxygen through the brain and trigger the release of all sorts of brain- and mood-enhancing chemicals. When we are sedentary for a long time, everything slows, including brain function.


If most of you’re sitting occurs at a desk at work, craning your neck forward toward a keyboard or tilting your head to cradle a phone while typing can strain the cervical vertebrae and lead to permanent imbalances.


The neck doesn’t slouch alone. Slumping forward overextends the shoulder and back muscles as well, particularly the trapezius, which connects the neck and shoulders.


How Does Sitting Effect Your Future

Immediately After Sitting

Right after you sit down, the electrical activity in your muscles slows down and your calorie burning rate drops to one calorie per minute.  This is about a third of what it does if you’re walking. If you sit for a full 24-hour period, you experience a 40% reduction in glucose uptake in insulin, which can eventually cause type 2 diabetes.

After Two Weeks of Sitting for More Than Six Hours a Day

Within five days of changing to a sedentary lifestyle, your body increase plasma triglycerides, LDL (bad cholesterol), and insulin resistance . This means your muscles aren’t taking in fat and your blood sugar levels go up, putting you at risk for weight gain. After just two weeks your muscles start to atrophy and your maximum oxygen consumption drops. This makes stairs harder to climb and walks harder to take. Even if you were working out every day the deterioration starts the second you stop moving.

After One Year of Sitting More Than Six Hours a Day

After a year, the longer term effects of sitting can start to manifest subtly. According to this study by Nature, you might start to experience weight gain and high cholesterol. Studies in woman suggest you can lose up to 1% of bone mass per year by sitting for over six hours a day.

After 10-20 Years of Sitting More Than Six Hours a Day

Sitting for over six hours a day for a decade or two can cut away about seven quality life years  (the kind you want). It increases your risk of  dying of heart disease by 64% and your overall risk of prostate or breast cancer increases by 30%.

In the same study listed above done by Daniela Schmid and Michael F. Leitzmann of the University of Regensburg in Germany, it showed that you can’t exercise away the sittings harmful effects. “Adjustment for physical activity did not affect the positive association between sedentary behavior and cancer,”  Even participants who achieved the daily recommended levels of physical activity were at the same risk as those who spent their day sitting. “[The results] indicate that the increased risk of cancer seen in individuals with prolonged time spent sedentary is not explained by the mere absence of physical activity in those persons,” the researchers say.

Take a look at these short videos on the effects that sitting all day has on your body and health.


What Should You Do?

  • Get up and walk around every 30-60 minutes.
  • Get up and do some chair exercising. Here’s a link to a great chair workout.
  • Try a standing desk.
  • Walk more during your lunch break.
  • Get up and stretch.
  • Do something active instead of watching t.v.
  • Anytime your on an office call stand up and pace around to talk.
  • Take micro breaks and march in place for 30 seconds or touch your toes 20 times.
  • Get up and move around during commercial brakes while watching t.v.
  • Set a timer on your phone to remind you throughout the day to get up.
  • When browsing your computer, do it standing up.
  • Wander around and pick up or reorganize your desk (eventually your desk area may even be clean)

The most important thing to remember is not to stress about all this information. Taking little steps at a time will help you in the long run.